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Cooperation and partnership in the chemical and pharmaceutical to succeed together and satisfy our customers and partners the most demanding quality cosmetics and laundry services and outsourcing of cosmetics and detergents


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Cooperation and partnership

We are especially committed to the notion of cooperation and partnership which allowed us to build with our customers and suppliers long term relationships that are beneficial to all.

To meet the demands of consumers vis-à-vis our brands in terms of quality and reliability of our products, we strive to build very close working relationships with our partners which are generally maintained in the long term.

We invite you to share this state of mind

With our employees and partners we develop specific goals and remain open to honor special requests while following the ecological, economic, social and ethical principle with our partners, our customers and our employees. The delegation of tasks and competences require the establishment of a thought response for a responsible action.

Our potential is based on loyalty and cooperation. Thanks to the efficiency of our work with our partners, we can act with flexibility and quickly enough to detect innovations and changes on the market.

Progress together towards higher standards

We work with our partners in strict accordance with the approach advocated by the Cleanex Laboratories.

In the management of our business and the establishment of our long-term goals, we carefully select partner organizations and principles that are consistent with the goals that we set for sustainable development and respect for the environment.

Work together to offer brands institutes and Spa service -brand label- detergents and cosmetics
BASF - The Chemical Compagny MONOPRIX UNIVAR Propretex
Propretex TPCE BASF - The Chemical Compagny
Carrefour BASF - The Chemical Compagny TPCE